Ewilan Rivière

Fullstack developer
« Open source is the heart of ours experiences. »

Welcome to my portfolio, where you can discover my professional and personal projects, some of which are open-source.

Open-source packages

The open-source libraries that I have developed for various projects.

  • PHP HTTP Pool

    PHP package with easy-to-use GuzzleHttp pool wrapper to make concurrent requests.

  • PHP XML Reader

    PHP package to read XML with nice API.

  • PHP Audio

    PHP package to parse and update audio files metadata, with JamesHeinrich/getID3.


    PHP package to create OPDS feed (Open Publication Distribution System) for eBooks.

  • PHP eBook

    PHP package to read metadata and extract covers from eBooks, comics and audiobooks.

  • PHP Archive

    PHP package to handle archives with unified API and hybrid solution, designed to works with eBooks.

  • Typescriptable for Laravel

    PHP package for Laravel to type Eloquent models, routes, Spatie Settings with autogenerated TypeScript.

    Laravel, PHP, TypeScript
  • Fastify Utils

    Collection of utilities for fastify framework, built to improve DX.

    NodeJS, Fastify, TypeScript
  • Unplugin SVG transformer

    Import easily your SVG. Powered by unplugin.

    JavaScript, Vue.js, Nuxt.js, TypeScript

Latest articles

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